frequently asked questions

How does textWeight work?

textWeight provides a simple way to track and monitor your weight. We send a text message to your mobile phone to remind you to weigh yourself. When you reply with your weight, the information is sent to a graph on your personal web page that you can view at any time. We acknowledge your text response by providing tips to help you overcome your biggest weight management challenge. As you move toward your personal goal, you'll receive motivational messages and unlock badges recognizing your accomplishments--these can be shared with your friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

How do I respond to the messages I receive from textWeight?

Using your mobile phone's reply function, just type your weight for that day. Use numbers only, not letters. We can accept fractions of a pound, just use decimal points as part of your entry; for example 145.5.

When is the best time for me to receive a text reminder to enter my weight?

You have complete control over the days and time you would like to receive reminders. It is best to weigh yourself regularly at the same time each day; in the morning prior to getting dressed and having breakfast is generally preferable. Think about what time you are near your scale and set textWeight to send a reminder close to that time. If you text in your weight before your reminder arrives, we won't send a reminder text to you for that day.

Why is my activate message not recognized?

textWeight recognizes only the mobile phone number you use for registration. Services such as Google Voice can sometimes change your phone number when it relays messages. Make sure you sign up with the mobile phone number you received from your service provider when you purchased your mobile phone and always use this number with textWeight.

Can I change my personal weight goal or tips?

You can change your personal weight goal or your challenge at any time. Login at the textWeight Website, go to your personal web page and click on settings. Make your revisions and click on the save settings button.

Does it cost anything to use textWeight?

textWeight is free to use during the trial period. Standard data and text messaging rates from your cell phone carrier may apply.

What happens to the information you collect from me?

The details of how we handle your information and data can be found in our Privacy Policy located at https://textweight.com/privacy. The data you enter on the textWeight registration page and the information you text to us via your mobile phone is accessible to you on your personal web page by entering your phone number and password.

Why doesn't textWeight accept my international phone number?

textWeight can't wait to support international customers, but for now we are limiting access to the U.S. only. Email help@textweight.com and let us know what countries you'd like to see us support next.

How do I reset my password?

If you lose your password text RESET PASSWORD to textWeight (415) 578-1763 and we'll text you back with a new password. You can change your password at anytime by going to settings from your personal web page.

How do I unsubscribe from textWeight and stop receiving messages?

Simply reply STOP to any message you receive from textWeight or text STOP to (415) 578-1763 from your mobile phone and you will be unsubscribed from our system.

Why do messages say "Message & Data Rates May Apply"?

textWeight does not charge you per message. However, your mobile carrier may charge in the same way they would for any other messages you receive or send.

Does textWeight support smart phones like iPhone or Android?

Your personal web page is accessible on any computer that has access to the web, as well as most smartphones and tablets.

How can I correct a weight entry that I typed wrong?

If you make a mistake in entering your weight for example a wrong number, to correct your chart please contact help@www.textweight.com with your correction and the phone number of the associated account.

Can I temporarily stop messages while I am travelling?

If you would like to temporarily suspend receiving reminders, please go to your settings page and click on the Suspend check box. Choose a date when to stop and restart messages.